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From the handmade quality, variations in colours and patterns or vivid glosses, ceramic tiles are always unique. We are pleased to introduce to you some of Domus' favourites. 

With a timeworn and artisan aesthetic, the tiles in these ranges add light and vibrancy to any space, enhanced by their small imperfections. Keep reading to explore further.


Amazonia displays multi-tonal shade variations with metallic effects, offering a contemporary and vibrant look. Each colour in the range has 20 variations—this, combined with the glossy, irregular finish, instantly adds liveliness and energy to the space.

Image: Amazonia DEAM 06 Gloss


Meld displays variations in colour and patterning to create interplays of light which add vibrancy to spaces. This Ceramic Colours range introduces a new size, 240 x 60mm, with a decidedly contemporary appeal and ultra-glossy, flawed surfaces.

Image: Meld DMLD 04 Lux

Meld DMLD 05 Lux


Kaleidos is a beautiful ceramic range for walls made with deep rich colour glazes and produced in a singular rectangular format. Its blended shade variation on an undulating surface provides a stylish craft-like handmade product.

Image: Kaleidos DWKA 09 Matt

Kaleidos DWKL 02 Gloss


A considered ceramic wall range of vivid glazed solid colours with subtle tonal variation. The gloss or matt surfaces of Grade have deep rich glazes and soft undulating surfaces. Combine with matching mixed patterned and textured décors, which have greater colour variation, to create attractive and intriguing wall features.

Image: Grade DWOD 02 Gloss

Grade DWOM 03 Matt & DWOM 03 Mixed Textures Décor Matt

Lusa & Bussaco

Made using traditional production techniques in central Portugal, the handmade Lusa and Bussaco ranges encapsulate ‘wabi-sabi’—the beauty of imperfections. Since each tile is made individually by hand, no two are ever the same, resulting in a tactile quality to the finish and shape. Subtle shade variations, irregular edges and small imperfections are part of the time-worn aesthetic, making each tile unique.

Read more about Handmade Ceramic Tiles and the Jewel Colours of Bussaco

Image: Bussaco DWT ODE 03 Fish Scale Oxide

Lusa DWT GTR 06 Glossy Translucent

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