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Pool Edges

Nosing & Pool Edges

Swimming pool edging is an important choice and can determine the ambience of the pool environment, helping to create a refined aesthetic and seamless transition between the surrounding deck area and the pool itself….

To enhance the overall aesthetic and create a harmonious swimming pool design, Domus can assist with the profiling and fabrication of tiles through water-jet cutting. Tiles which need to be profiled can be taken from the same batch as the remaining order to ensure there is no difference in colour or calibration, incorporating details such as smooth round edges or anti-slip grooves.

To create a smooth step edge into a pool or rounded bullnose edge around a pool, tiles can be fabricated from the same tiles, ensuring a sleek, modern finish. Similarly, the edge of the tiles can be fabricated into a curved shape, to incorporate details such as rounded step or rounded pool edge. This helps create a softer look and feel to tiles which would usually have a straight edge. A ‘finger grip’ can also be water-jet cut into tiles to aid swimmers leaving the pool.

Water-jet Cut Gratings

It is crucial that channel drains are installed alongside a pool edge to prevent the build-up of standing water and to carry water away from the pool edge. Poolside grating can be fabricated from the same porcelain tiles using on the swimming pool deck to ensure a seamless transition and harmonious design between the pool edge and deck.

Gratings which are water-jet cut from porcelain are incredibly durable, creating entirely flush floors with the same anti-slip properties as the coordinating tiles.

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