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Instantly identify products with recycled content, EPDs & ISO 14001 certification using our sustainability web filters

Sourcing the most responsibly produced tiles is now a straightforward task using Domus' new sustainability search filters.

Customers can now find products containing recycled content and supported with EPDs and ISO 14001 certification in seconds, making it quick and easy to source hard surface materials with good sustainable qualities.


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The key to understanding a material’s sustainability

Understanding a product's lifecycle and its environmental impacts – from raw material to manufacturing, transportation to installation, in-use to disposal, and waste to recycling – is critical to addressing the sustainability of any material, product or system.
Identifying a product's sustainability credentials helps specifiers make effective sustainability-led design choices. Reviewing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), ISO 14001, and recycled content certificates enable architects and designers to comprehensively evaluate their designs' environmental impact.


What to consider when sourcing sustainable tiles...

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document which communicates a product's environmental performance or impacts in a quantifiable way using pre-determined parameters, classified as a Type 3 environment label. Unlike a Type 1 label, an EPD is not a 'green certificate' or a claim of environmental superiority.
An EPD is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) from 'cradle to grave', including recycling. It provides environmental data for many indicators such as global warming (CO2), ozone depletion (CFCs), acidification, eutrophication and other indicators, such as energy consumption and water usage, offering a science-based, data-driven view of a product's environmental impact.
EPDs are used to assess the sustainability of a building project and, crucially, present information which will help architects, interior designers and specifiers create more sustainable buildings and interiors.

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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems. It supports organisations that enhance and improve their environmental performance by efficiently using resources and reducing environmental emissions and waste. The core elements of ISO 14001 are environmental policy, planning and implementation, monitoring and measuring, management review, and continuous improvement.
In the tile industry, crucial improvements focus on the following:

  • Using less non-renewable raw materials and more recycled materials
  • More efficient use of industrial fuel and energy and utilising more renewables
  • Recycling 100% of the water used in the production process
  • Transporting heavy materials more effectively
  • Reducing pollution, environmental emissions and building waste to landfill
  • Increased recycling and use of recycled content

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Products containing recycled content

Domus offers over 1200 tile designs containing recycled content, which can instantly be identified online using our new sustainability web filters.


Two filters can be used to find tiles containing recycled content:

+25% recycled content shows all tiles between 25% - 39%

+40% recycled content shows all tiles with 40% and over

View products with +25% recycled content
View products with +40% recycled content

Recycled content % varies

The amount of recycled content used to make tiles varies from range to range. Some products contain no recycled content, and others contain up to 98%, such as glass mosaics.

Recycled raw materials can affect the colour and tone of the tile during the firing process, so the amount included in the process is carefully managed and monitored. To ensure colour consistency, lighter colours tend to contain small amounts of recycled content and darker colours, more significant quantities.


Refer to our Product Brochures and Technical Data sheets for recycled content information. Brochures are downloadable from the website or from our Domus Technical Team upon request.


For clarification on any product data, please contact your Domus representative or the Domus Technical Team.

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