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Handmade Ceramic Tiles: Lusa & Bussaco

Formerly known as New Terracotta—a single range now divided into two to make way for new colour and style options—our new Lusa & Bussaco glazed ceramic tiles are made entirely by hand in central Portugal, with no machinery used in the process. Traditional production techniques incorporate hand moulding and hand cutting, resulting in a unique, tactile quality to the finish and shape. Subtle shade variations, irregular edges and slight imperfections are part of the time-worn aesthetic, with no two tiles ever the same.

Traditional production techniques

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Embracing the trend for a luxurious aesthetic with a handcrafted edge, our Lusa & Bussaco ranges channel an eclectic contemporary style, adding an alluring feel to residential and commercial interiors.

Different glaze techniques and surface finish options set the two ranges apart—Lusa presents a predominantly fresh and bright palette of solid colour, satin matt and glossy translucent glazes; and Bussaco offers vastly richer tones across notably unique and characterful glaze and finish options.

A fresh, geometric approach

In recent years, Bussaco’s ‘Mystery Teal Oxide Explosion’ hexagon-shaped tile has become a modern classic, welcoming a fresh geometric approach to handmade tile design. The striking Oxide finish and texture are obtained by applying the glaze to the reverse surface of the raw tile. The array of indents and textures allows the depth of the glaze to vary, creating a multi-tone finish with an enticing richness and depth.

Image: Bussaco DWT ODE 02 Hexagon Oxide

Minimal environmental impact

Presenting distinct sustainable characteristics, the production process for all Lusa and Bussaco tiles aims to minimise environmental impact. Ceramic tiles are dried naturally in the factory using heat captured from the kilns before firing. At the same time, all liquid waste and ‘scrap clay’ from the process are put back into making tiles. Lusa’s unglazed raw bisque designs are incredibly eco-friendly since they are only fired once, using half the energy required to produce the glazed tiles, which are fired twice—once before glazing and once afterwards.

There are 65 colours across 10 finishes and 19 sizes/shapes to choose from, plus an intriguing selection of 3D décors and special pieces (trims) to explore.

Watch a 2-minute timelapse video of Lusa 'Crème Caramel' tiles being installed by our expert merchandisers.

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