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With so many different 'stone-effect' looks available on porcelain tiles, it can be hard to know what is right for your space. Domus hosts over 80 Porcelain Stone ranges, all inspired and influenced by natural stones mined around the world. From limestone and sandstone, slate and granite to basalt and quartz — the choices are endless. Each range is carefully selected for its exceptional design detailing, ensuring the colours and tones are suited to the UK and European market.

Domus have collated our favourite Porcelain Stone ranges below, each with their own unique tonal variations, textures and detailed markings.


Omni is a state-of-the-art full-body porcelain tile range that combines outstanding technical properties with graphic nuances inspired by the subtlety of natural stone. Refer to Omni Stone for complementing tiles with enhanced variation levels.

Image: Omni Stone DROIS 02 Matt & DROIS 04 Matt

Omni DROI 03 Matt & DROI 03 Bush Hammered


In a neutral palette of mineral tones with surface textures inspired by earth, sand and stone, Sensi takes its cues from nature to introduce a sense of character to interior and exterior spaces. Made from 7.1 to 41.9% of recycled materials (depending on colour) mixed with natural raw materials through a sustainable production process. View Sensi Magnum for 6mm-thick lightweight slab options, as well as Sensi 20mm for outdoor use.

Image: Sensi DCSNS 04 Sand Natural

Sensi Magnum DMAG 175 Fossil Natural, DMAG 181 Sand Natural & DMAG 184 Dust Mosaic Matt

Rock Salt

Rock Salt features fresh shades accompanied by warmer tones, returning the allure of the lustre and tactile materiality of natural crystals, depending on their finish. Refer to Rock Salt Magnum for 6mm-thick lightweight porcelain slab options.

Image: Rock Salt DCRK 03 Natural

Rock Salt Magnum DMAG 137 Natural

Allure & Grainstone

With delicate, thoughtful graphics, the Allure range provides a true stone replica with a serene ambience. It can be combined with the subtle textures of Allure Wall to create a considered, tranquil aesthetic. Grainstone is a porcelain tile range inspired by the volcanic power of granite, a stone with a simple, primitive appearance that has always provided the versatile, expressive base for works of architecture.

Image: Allure DLRE 04 Soft Bush Hammered

Grainstone DEGAF 04 Fine Grain Natural & DEGAC 05 Cage Décor Natural

Quarry & Calcite

Quarry reinterprets the solid strength of European stones from a technical point of view. The range offers great versatility with its numerous formats and two different surfaces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, residential and business contexts. Calcite features nature’s finest limestones, transformed by modern porcelain technology into a durable, high-performance material for all environments.

Image: Calcite DCTE 06 Matt & DCTE 06 Ellittico Mosaic Matt

Quarry DGCY 04 Natural & DGCY 04 Bush Hammered

Narvik & Stavanger

Narvik is an impressive range inspired by the power of nature fusing together eroded rock fragments, this full-character stone-effect porcelain with its large-grain surface design provides a strong natural aesthetic and a practical solution for high traffic projects. Available in classic neutral tones in sizes up to 1200mm. Perfectly paired with Stavanger, the soft grain counterpart with matching tones and sizes. Having a classic fine-grained limestone effect, Stavanger is presented in a harmonic palette of soft organic colours with subtle mineral inclusions. Refer to Stavanger Wall for the co-ordinating ceramic wall tile version with complementing décors.

Image: Stavanger DAKN 03 Natural Grip & Narvik DAFN 03 Natural Grip

Narvik DAFN 03 Natural Grip

Stontech 4.0

Designed with architectural purity in mind, Stontech 4.0 is a refined range of stone replicas, true in appearance and finish but technically superior. Refer to Stontech 4.0 Magnum for lightweight slab options and Stontech 4.0 20mm for outdoor external raised access solutions. 

Image: Stontech 4.0 Magnum DMAG 89 Natural

Stontech 4.0 DFSN 06 Natural, DFSN 06 Natural Grip & Stontech 4.0 Magnum DMAG 88 High Gloss

To explore more of the natural beauty of our innovative Porcelain Stone ranges, click below. Larger sample sizes are available upon request, and samples can be ordered for next-day delivery.

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