The Future of Workplace Design: Reimagining the Office in a Post-Pandemic World

Domus & #DesignPopUp invite you to join the #DesignPopUp Virtual Panel webinar on Tuesday 23rd February at 10.30 am.

In a Q&A session, our guest speakers will focus on the current outlook for office-based work in a post-Covid world, including how the pandemic has not just challenged, but fundamentally changed the long-held assumption that businesses require traditional office space for their workers. Focusing on what the future role of a central office could look like, the speakers will explore ideas for architects and designers to help future-proof new workspace design and ensure offices do not become altogether redundant, along with the vital role design innovation and technology will play.


The Panel

Hazel Pearson – Director, Michael Laird Architects  (top left)
Peter Kerr – Director, Atelier Ten (top right)
Michael Gallacher – Construction Director, Abstract Securities  (bottom left)

Learn more about the panellists over at #DesignPopUp

Insights & solutions

As the pandemic has forced a nation of office workers into new ways of working, the need for traditional office space is being thrown into question. The unexpected working-from-home revolution has challenged the idea that businesses need dedicated workspaces for their team to be productive – or at all.
But many new home workers are finding the reliance on remote-working technologies intense and exhausting and missing the face-to-face connection and sense of community that comes with sharing the same physical space.

With many businesses looking ahead to reduced Covid restrictions and reopening offices safely, our guest panel will consider what people will expect from their office environment in order to return. Looking at the positives and negatives of working from home, and how the benefits can be translated into new workspace design.

Tuesday 23rd February — REGISTER HERE

Project images: KPMG, St Vincents Plaza, Glasgow. 

Design by Michael Laird Architects. Photos by: David Balfour

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