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Design trends are constantly evolving, each bolder than the next. We invite you to explore our collection of 'Heroic Feature Walls' — statement-making, eye-catching talking points within any design scheme. Whether they use bright colours, 3D shapes and deep reliefs, geometric patterns and unusual shapes, each of these ranges give the designer the potential to create expressive and unique feature walls.

Allure Wall

In a minimal, grey palette, Allure Wall provides surface detailing with a calm aesthetic. Three distinct surface relief designs: Line, Wave and Wiggle, each with a striking textural pattern making it perfect for feature walls. Refer to Allure for 9mm-thick porcelain alternatives for wall and floor applications.

Image: Allure Wall DLRW 03 Wiggle Natural

Allure Wall DLRW 02 Line Natural


Stripes is a ceramic tile range with three distinct surface options: Stripes, Transition & Liso XL. The Transition pieces are used to create a seamless segue between the Stripes and Liso XL surfaces. Tiles can be laid vertically or horizontally, creating feature walls delineated with bands of light and shadows.

Image: Stripes DWOS 09 Liso XL, Stripes & Transition Matt & DWOS 12 Stripes Matt

Stripes DWOS 10 Liso XL, Stripes & Transition Matt & DWOS 05 Stripes Matt


Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Rombini uses squares, triangles and diamonds in a palette of white, grey, blue, green and red to offer a unique range with vast applications. Comprised of tiles, mosaics and 3D elements including glazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware, double-charged porcelain and glazed ceramic.

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Image: Rombini DROM 04 Small Triangle Mosaic Glazed

Rombini DROM 08 & 01 Large Triangle Mosaic Glazed & DROM 08 Small Triangle Mosaic Glazed


Flauti is a striking and architectural ceramic range recommended use on walls only. Made up of random mesh-mounted pieces, both 3D and flat, it gives a sense of movement on walls as it reflects the light. Flauti is suitable for both indoor cladding and outdoor facades.

Image: Flauti DVU 02 Matt

Flauti DVU 10 Glossy & Interni DVI 02 Satin


Rilievi is the combination of two basic elements: a large slab and a three-dimensional patterned décor placed on top of it. These two elements can be combined in different ways depending on their numerical multiplication, the layout of the slabs and the shapes built up by placing the relief tiles one after the other.

Image: Rilievi DCDRI 02 Matt, DCDRI 06 Matt & DCDRC 01 Pattern 3 Décor Matt

Rilievi DCDRI 04 Matt & DCDRC 02 Patten 2 Décor Matt

I Filati Magnum

I Filati Magnum evokes the sense of craftsmanship of the centuries-old art of silk with large porcelain slabs that present themselves as innovative fabrics. The surfaces are inspired by Rubelli’s signature fabrics that are born from the contemporary reworking of decorative motifs from the noble Venetian heritage of weaving.

Image: I Filati Magnum DMAG 167 Matt

I Filati Magnum DMAG 142 Matt

Kaza Tre & Kaza Quadilic

Kaza Tre’s magnetic visual appeal is the result of precisely rendered angular contours that harness the beauty of symmetry, as well as the dynamic interplay of depth, light and shadow, and the energetic movement of geometric flow. This range allows one to create endless pattern combinations from the most simple, minimalist applications to the most elaborate kaleidoscopic masterpieces. The design concept is an invitation to imagine, play and create. Each tile in the series works as well independently as it does in multi-tile combinations and maintains its signature visual appeal even in randomized configurations. The Kaza Tre range is a statement in modern tile design as well as a structured medium, which allows for limitless interpretations of its core aesthetic. Designed by Ilan Garibi, Kaza Quadilic is a progression from a basic paper tessellation of a molecule. Unlike most tessellations, it is folded very slightly, without any overlapping. Its shape, being as far removed as possible from the classic rectangle, creates a mesmerizing vision of shifting squares, giving rise to its name. As an origami artist and designer, Ilan loves to find applications that exceed the potential of paper. This range is created by four diagonal lines that emerge from the central square. It could not be any simpler, and yet the effect is quite the opposite.

Image: Kaza Tre DKCN 28 Matt

Kaza Quadilic DKCN 01 Matt

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