This month, we invite you to make a design statement.


Stand out from the crowd, create something eye-catching - a talking point.

New Terracotta
This traditional handmade terracotta collection encapsulates ‘wabi sabi’ – the beauty of imperfections. Each tile is made individually by hand.

Create an individual space. Get personal.
Express yourself with a stunning wall feature. 

Use popping colours, bold tones, 3D shapes and deep reliefs, dynamic reflective finishes, strong contrasts, dramatic patterns, and unusual shapes (not your regular squares or rectangles).

We've highlighted 11 stunning ranges for
creating awesome feature walls...

Bera & Beren Wall

Inspired by Portuguese and Catalan limestone, the range's refined, minimal stone character is elevated with three distinct surface relief textures and shapes.


Irregular edges and surface undulation
produce stunning multi-faceted, light reflecting wall designs.


Bold geometrics and confident neutral and pastel colour combinations for trend-setting style.

New Terracotta

A handmade collection that encapsulates ‘wabi-sabi’ – the beauty of imperfections. Since each tile is made individually by hand, no two are ever the same, resulting in a tactile quality to the finish and shape.
Available in 11 different shapes.

Kaza Weave

A handmade 3D concrete tile designed by Note Design Studio of Stockholm.
Simple in structure and repetitive in form, Weave is inspired by the undulating rhythmic imagery created by sand dunes and traditional weaving techniques.


A graphic patterned tile collection featuring bold geometric forms, created by British design duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.


Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Tierras is based on the concept of sedimentation and Mediterranean craft traditions. In an earthy colour palette, Tierras offers traditional aesthetics with a modern, graphic twist.


Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Rombini is an innovative collection which uses squares, triangles and diamonds in a palette of white, grey, blue, green and red to offer a unique range with vast applications.

Wig Wag

A feature ceramic tile, characterised by irregular movement and light reflection. Eight different 3D structures, randomly combined with each other, form a fluid and illusory surface design.


Designed by Raw Edges, Tex is a colourful ceramic rhombus shaped
tile collection inspired by fabric textures.


An artisanal, tactile product, faithfully replicating the striking appearance of wood end grain. Loop is an extruded handcrafted product made from natural raw materials, enhancing the individual aesthetic which differentiates it from standard industrial products.


A combination of two basic elements: a large slab and a three-dimensional Pattern Décor placed on top of it. These two elements can be combined in different ways depending on their numerical multiplication, the layout of the slabs and the shapes built up by placing the relief tiles one after the other.

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