Domus’ latest Tile Trend Forecast focuses on new and future trends in surface design and how these trends can be used effectively within both residential and commercial design schemes.  The presentation looks at the patterns, shapes, sizes, colours and textures that are set to gain prominence in interior design, providing fresh inspiration for designing with tiles.

Avant Garde 

As 2019 celebrates 100 years since the Bauhaus was founded in Weimar by the German Modernist architect Walter Gropius, the enduring impact of Avant Garde art and design is as prominent as ever. The distinct visual language conceived at the Bauhaus can still be seen in many forms, including minimal furniture design and abstract patterns. This stylised trend is now starting to appear in tile design, through Avant Garde patterns and layouts which celebrate geometric compositional structures, along with intersecting segments of shapes, pattern and colour that create a bold, modernist look. 

Image: Geometrica

Neon Pastels 

Embracing this year’s predominant colour trends Living Coral and Neo Mint, the acid-bright spectrum of colours within Neon Pastels capture the sensibility for the futuristic times we are living in. These fresh, crisp tones are an evolution of the pastel colours which have become commonplace, and reflect a fusion of science and innovative clean technology with nature. Both visually optimistic and a refreshing break from grey and neutral schemes, Neon Pastels reflects a renewed enthusiasm for and confidence in bright colours. 

Image: Microtiles

New Deco 

The new style of Art Deco gaining prominence in all areas of design is a modern reinvention of the classic Deco look of the early 20th century. Decorative patterns and shapes which display rounded shapes and curved lines offer an update on the geometric angular patterns that have dominated over the past few years. New Deco references the opulence and glamour of the original Art Deco era, but filtered through a modern sensibility with a fresh, playful and sometimes minimal style. Elements of bold colour are used amongst metallic shades and finishes to add visual interest. 

Image: Select Marmi

Ink Black 

The trend for ink black interiors, in particular bathrooms, has arisen out of the luxury spa and boutique hotel trend, where all-dark interiors are designed to create a powerful and elegant statement within a space. Since dark colours appear to the eye to recede, using ink black tiles opens up a small space rather than bringing the walls in, while textured surfaces add a new dimension to tile design, ensuring these dark interiors do not look too flat. To enhance the look, matt black tiles should always be paired with black grout for a luxurious, sophisticated finish.

Image: Puzzle

Artisanal Luxe 

With a focus on individuality and hand-crafted products, Artisanal Luxe is an evolution of the natural aesthetic which has been gaining popularity in recent years, but with a richer, more sophisticated colour palette. The ‘Artisanal’ part of the trend reflects the opposite of tech-dominated, mass produced design, characterised by hand made details and reclaimed elements. The ‘Luxe’ part of the trend offers a variety of textures and tones to add depth and contrast, helping to create a multi-dimensional space. Colours include warm metallic tones as well as greens and browns, while opulent stone and marble patterns and textured finishes evoke a sense of luxury. 

Image: New Terracotta


Celebrating the rustic style and eclectic palette of the American Midwest, Homestead is a rich, warm colour trend with an inherently relaxed feel. Echoing the range of tones seen across the region’s pastoral landscape and buildings, Homestead is largely inspired by nature and organic forms, be it the sky or the land. Blue, green, pink, orange and mustard can all be seen in the palette, which includes pastel and neutral tones alongside deep, saturated shades, offering the antithesis of minimal interior design.  

Image: Technicolor

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