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La Pietra Compattata

Cold-pressed tiles comprised of raw & recycled natural materials

Produced with environmentally responsible design and architecture in mind, our newly launched tile ranges from La Pietra Compattata are comprised of 60% natural raw and recycled materials. Made using a cold-pressed method rather than a gas-fired kiln, three core styles Cromie, Pietre and Pigmento offer a unique new surface material suitable for interior and exterior use in residential and commercial settings.

Sustainable characteristics

Designed to enable the transformation of waste into a new hard surface material offering advanced technical performance, La Pietra Compattata tiles are created through an environmentally friendly process using recycled natural raw materials recovered from Italy’s stone quarries, including quartz, granite and porphyry. This stone powder mix is combined with coloured pigments, recycled water and cement to create a uniquely textured innovative material, which offers the appearance of natural stone. To produce the final product, the mix is cold-pressed and left to dry and harden naturally, eliminating the use of gas-fired kilns.

Domus Sustainable Specification CPD


Technical Performance & Design

Cromie 15mm & Cromie 22mm

20 colours
including both rich, natural, and bright, vivid shades

10 shape & size formats
plus special pieces, including step treads and skirting

2 finish options:
‘Compact’ finish: a smooth, natural surface with perfectly even edges.
‘Consolare’ finish: unique, tumbled surface and edges achieved via a handmade process using traditional techniques

View Cromie 15mm
View Cromie 22mm

Pietre 15mm & Pietre 22mm

6 neutral colour options
including grey, beige and brown tones

7 shape & size formats

2 finish options
Natural finish: a smooth, natural matt surface with perfectly even edges
Flammata finish: rustic, variable surface finish with high slip resistance, achieved when the surface of the tile is burst using an intense flame

View Pietre 15mm
View Pietre 22mm

Pigmento 15mm

Pigmento 15mm is an eco-friendly interior tile range that encloses mimesis with floral nature—an immersive experience in positivity, hope, optimism, kindness, tranquillity and delicacy. This range is easy to clean and can be combined with the modular sizes of Cromie 15mmPietre 15mmCromie 22mm and Pietre 22mm.

Pigmento 15mm DSRG 01 Compact, DSRG 02 Compact & DSRG 04 Compact