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Porcelain External 20mm

A collection specifically designed for outdoor environments, we are pleased to share with you some of Domus' favourite 20mm-thick tiles. Using high-tech porcelain inkjet printing, the products faithfully replicate desirable surfaces, from weathered timber to natural stone. Featuring surfaces with anti-slip properties, which are ideal for use alongside External Support Systems.

Many of these tiles have 10mm thick internal counterparts, allowing the designer to achieve an expansive, continuous floor effect that flows indoors to outdoors.

Xylem 20mm

Xylem 20mm is a wood-effect porcelain range in neutral, soft tones that replicate natural wood's colouration and shade variation. The 20mm thickness makes this product ideal for outdoor use as an alternative for exterior decking systems.

Image: Xylem 20mm DXF RKX 02 Matt

Cotto Tech 20mm

Inspired by the great handmade terracotta tradition and the charm of classic Italian architecture, Cotto Tech 20mm is a porcelain stoneware range with concrete-effect contemporary energy. Perfect for refurbishing farm buildings and country houses immersed in nature.

Image: Cotto Tech 20mm DXF MTO 02 Outdoor Natural

Cotto Tech 20mm DXF MTO 05 Outdoor Natural

Terra Crea 20mm

Terra Crea 20mm creates spaces with a perfectly coordinated aesthetic, using the distinctive structures of the 2cm-thick tiles paired with the textural finish options for a completely tactile experience. Refer to Terra Crea for 10mm-thick tile and mosaic options with alternate finish choices.

Image: Terra Crea 20mm DXF KTE 04 Block Structured

Terra Crea 20mm DXF KTE 05 Ske Structured

Norway Home 20mm

For creating outdoor spaces of great beauty, without sacrificing technical performance. Norway Home 20mm is exceptionally durable, immutable over time, easy to lay and clean. The natural warmth and a tactile appeal of an oak-like wood effect range. The strength of 20mm porcelain enables you to lay directly onto pedestals, reducing the installation time and cost significantly.

Image: Norway Home 20mm DXF MATH 02 Natural Anti-Slip

Norway Home 20mm DXF MATH 08 Natural Anti-Slip

Lithos 20mm

Lithos 20mm is manufactured with a resin die that simulates the effect of bush-hammering, a finish that increases non-slip properties. Suitable for external use only. Refer to Lithos for 14mm thick tile options.

Image: Lithos 20mm DXF DCLT 02 Bush Hammered

External: Lithos 20mm DXF DCLT 03 Bush Hammered

Internal: Lithos DCLT 03 Honed

Sensi 20mm

In a neutral palette of mineral tones, Sensi 20mm takes its cues from nature to introduce a sense of character to exterior spaces. Made from 12.5% of recycled materials mixed with natural raw materials using a sustainable production process. Refer to Sensi & Sensi Magnum for 10mm and 6mm thickness options.

Image: Sensi 20mm DXF CSN 04 Structured

Sensi 20mm DXF CSN 04 Structured

Rock Salt 20mm

Inspired by the aesthetics of large blocks of rock salt extracted from underground mines and also used for the construction of walls and salt crystals, Rock Salt 20mm re-imagines the taste of an evocative naturalness capable of making living spaces contemporary. Refer to Rock Salt and Rock Salt Magnum for 10mm and 6mm-thick options. 

Image: Rock Salt 20mm DXF DCRK 01 Bush Hammered

Rock Salt 20mm DXF DCRK 03 Bush Hammered

Umbria 20mm

Umbria 20mm is a porcelain range formed of contemporary sandstone colours faithfully replicating its natural counterpart designed with fine grain, subtle shading and delicate mineral veining. Also available in 10mm thickness to allow a seamless transition between inside and outside - refer to Umbria.

Image: Umbria 20mm DXF BYT 02 Bush Hammered

Umbria 20mm DXF BYT 03 Bush Hammered

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