New displays of colourful and patterned XL lightweight porcelain slab designs are now ready to explore in our Clerkenwell showroom. 

XL porcelain slabs are no longer reserved for replicating natural stone and concrete. The trend is for a more experimental and personalised approach using colour, pattern and design-led markings and patterns. You can now discover these trends in Clerkenwell.

XL slab thicknesses range from 3-6mm. They are light, versatile, strong and scratch-resistant. Large expansive surfaces with minimal grout joints are achievable with slab sizes up to 3 x 1.6m.


The inspiration for our Storie collection focuses on the beauty found in the ageing process of faded grandeur and abandoned frescos, recreating textures such as stained plaster and rust-stained masonry. The overall appearance displays gradients of colour, shade and texture visible on aged plastered walls. The latest porcelain technology and innovation have enabled the designers to reproduce the illusion of history that usually only time is able to produce. Each slab has been skilfully designed in a matt finish with a mixture of colour pigments to recreate shading effects, including the greens and greys of damp plasterwork and the soft orange shades of rust. 

Neutra 6.0 Magnum & Artwork Magnum

Both part of our Casamood contemporary design collection, Neutra 6.0 Magnum and Artwork Magnum are XL format slabs with a distinct modern aesthetic. Neutra 6.0 Magnum is a colourful collection demonstrating a strong chromatic harmony, comprised of a number of deep, rich colours plus soft neutral and pastel options. It is used at Domus Clerkenwell in a rich terracotta shade as part of a bar design alongside Artwork Magnum, a contemporary porcelain slab collection inspired by traditional terrazzo. With a bold, modern aesthetic, Artwork Magnum offers different terrazzo-style flecked patterns in grey and black plus a number of vibrant colours, in a strong, hardwearing porcelain material.



Alongside Lane, Primavera is one of the latest collections designed by Barber & Osgerby for Mutina. Primavera sees the designers work closely with colour and pattern, producing an XL format lightweight slab for the first time, and adding flakes of porcelain in random contrasting colours to create a unique, irregular flecked pattern that is reminiscent of terrazzo. A careful study allowed Barber & Osgerby to recreate the imperfections of a terrazzo surface through a handcrafted method. A mix of small brightly coloured porcelain flakes are applied to the slabs to create irregularities, giving life to a texture that is completely unique. Primavera is available in base colours of white, grey, blue, green and black, each with different and visually contrasting variations that delicately complement each other, and in three XL format sizes.


Designed by Zaven for Cedit, Rilievi is an exciting new porcelain collection which allows the combination of two basic elements: an XL format slab and a three-dimensional décor feature tile which can be placed on top of the slab. The large slabs are the outcome of research into materials and the latest porcelain manufacturing, while the designers nod to the work of Italian artist Nino Caruso in their 3D shapes which explore scale and repetition. The 3D modules can be installed in different variations on coordinating XL format slabs for a curated look, enabling designers to add a bold, graphic element to otherwise flat surfaces. The scope for using striking colour combinations is vast, with a number of vibrant colour options. Rilievi is comprised of XL format porcelain slabs in six colours and sizes up to 120 x 240cm, with 3D relief tiles available in seven colours and three modular shapes.

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