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Sustainable Design Solutions: Discover The Latest Eco-Friendly Materials

Domus invites design professionals and enthusiasts to explore the newest sustainable design materials at our Clerkenwell showroom. The showcase presents innovative solutions that merge creativity with environmental responsibility, specifically for commercial and residential design projects.

This is your chance to explore a range of the latest, most creative, and sustainable surfaces that can elevate any commercial or residential design project. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the future of sustainablity and unlock a world of eco-friendly design possibilities.

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During your visit, you will have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of sustainable surfaces curated to elevate your design projects. Some of the highlights include:

Florim CarbonZero

The Florim CarbonZero collection includes twelve carbon-neutral porcelain ranges made by brand partner Florim, which offset all the CO2 emitted during their life cycle.

Being Domus’ first carbon-neutral porcelain ranges, they represent a very significant addition to the product portfolio. Made by certified B-Corp and ISO 14001 company Florim as part of their CarbonZero initiative, it offsets all of the CO2 emissions of these materials. Based on predicted calculations of the environmental impact across the product life cycle, official carbon credits are purchased to support clean energy projects in developing countries.

Presenting Biotech, Coretech, Eccentric Luxe, Essential Mood and Stone Life across twelve ranges, including Lightweight Slabs and External 20mm options.

Gigacer Technical Porcelain

The Gigacer Technical Porcelain collection consists of three ranges comprising 47%+ recycled content—made by brand partner Gigacer.

Comprising a minimum quantity of 47% recycled content, Domus’ Gigacer Technical Porcelain ranges present fully vitrified, through-body porcelain, which offers unparalleled durability and slip resistance for projects demanding rigorous quality control. Utilising innovative single-firing production technology manufactured in ISO14001 environmentally managed factories, the resulting surface absorption rate of the materials is close to zero, meaning high-performing scratch and stain-resistant products that require minimal maintenance and are ideal for high-traffic areas.

Presenting Creta, London East Quarter and Made 2.0 across five ranges, including Lightweight Slab options.

Environmentally Responsible La Pietra Compattata Tiles

Made using a cold-pressed method rather than a gas-fired kiln, three core styles, Cromie, Pietre, and Pigmento, offer a unique new surface material suitable for interior and exterior use in residential and commercial settings. Produced with environmentally responsible design and architecture in mind, Domus’ La Pietra Compattata ranges are comprised of 60% natural raw and recycled materials—enabling the transformation of waste into a new hard surface material that offers advanced technical performance.

Presenting Cromie 15mm, Pietre 15mm and Pigmento 15mm—sealed tiles suitable for internal use. Cromie 22mm and Pietre 22mm contain unsealed tiles, ideal for outdoor use.

Climate-Positive Suber Cork Flooring

Suber Cork flooring—produced using natural cork, a climate-positive material with a carbon-negative footprint—is widely acknowledged as one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. Harvested every nine years, the Portuguese cork oak trees live up to 200 years, continuing to yield this sustainable resource. Three new ranges at Domus present the latest development in natural cork flooring, offering a 100% water-resistant material benefiting from a rigid core for reinforced dimensional stability plus a superior wear-resistant finish—making them suitable for commercial as well as residential projects. 

Presenting Suber Cork Purity, Suber Wood Purity and Suber Wood Aqua.

Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring

Bjelin engineered wood flooring is created with a 0.6mm hardened wood veneer. Using significantly less hardwood than traditional engineered timber flooring products, the increased yield in production provides more flooring from fewer trees. Woodura® technology uses wood fibre wastage from the veneer slicing, recycling it back into the hardwood top layer and core. Bjelin ranges offer unparalleled resistance against impact. Bjelin combines the beauty of natural wood with high-level durability, offering premium quality, highly hardwearing floors suitable for residential and commercial projects. 

Presenting Bjelin XXL Brushed, Bjelin XXL Lacquered, Bjelin XL Brushed, Bjelin XL Lacquered and Bjelin L Lacquered (launching soon).

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