Webinar: Thurs 29th July, 11 am

Domus & #DesignPopUp invite you to join the next #DesignPopUp Virtual Panel webinar: Making Happy Space. Hosted by two architects from Collective Architecture, winners of Architect of the Year at the 2018 AJ Architecture Awards.  Register Now

The panel

Expert panellists Mairi Laverty and Ewan Imrie from Collective Architecture will discuss their award-winning community, cultural and care projects to explain their collaborative working processes. They will focus on how they design environments where the user needs are fully interpreted into the working space, ensuring they feel comfortable, safe and inspired. 

While all buildings are ultimately for the benefit of people, Collective Architecture perhaps goes further than most practices in putting building users first to create a humanised architecture to enrich peoples' lives and provide spaces to feel happy.

Learn more about the panellists here.

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The Larick Centre, Collective Architecture

Designing for Health & Wellbeing: Write-Up

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