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Architects and designers are always looking for inspiration when it comes to products and finding the right one can be a long process.

To tackle this we’re launching a new web app called Image Search which is live on our website. 


Domus Image Search

It helps our customers find products and materials quicker and in a new way, and is a collaboration with Stylib - a London based company founded by architects and software designers from the architecture industry.


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So say you’re in a restaurant or hotel, and you see an interesting wall design or flooring material. Or if you're browsing an interiors' magazine or an architecture website and you see an image that uses a product that interests you.
Rather than manually scrolling for hours trying to match the material you're after, simply take a photo or screen grab and import it into the Domus web-app. The algorithm searches through thousands of images in Domus' library and proposes a series of products guided by your photo.

Refine your Search

Users can also crop into the photo to produce more targeted results. Once they find a product they like, they can click on the camera icon to search for visually similar alternatives from the Domus catalogue.

Favourites and Moodboards

You can also favourite a product you like for later which saves it to your moodboard, and then once you have finished selecting your tiles, you can order your samples online for quick delivery.

Domus is now the first hard-surfaces supplier in the world that allows its customers to intuitively find the products they’re after. 
We want to help our customers find the right designs quickly,
give them great ideas, and inspire them.

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