Choosing the perfect stone-look is a very individual matter. With such a wide choice to discover, a good start would be Innovative Stone — a collection of ten of our favourite Porcelain Stones.

Domus hosts over 60 Porcelain Stone ranges which are inspired and influenced by natural stones mined from famous quarries from around the world. From limestone and sandstone, slate and granite, to basalt and quartz — the choice and variation are literally endless.

What makes Domus’ Porcelain Stone ranges stand out is their exceptional design detail. All the colours and tones are contemporary and very suited to the UK and European homes or workspaces. 

Complementary to our natural light, the subtle and gradient tonal variation, texture, movement and the detailed markings, including embedded fossil fragments of marine organisms, combine to provide outstanding aesthetic and design quality.

Beauty is in the detail

Recent advances in digital inkjet technology in the ceramic industry have produced porcelain stone effects that are so close to the real thing that it is extremely hard to see the differences. The resolution is exceptionally high.

Authenticity is produced on an industrial scale allowing the beauty of stone to be enjoyed by everyone, not just a few.

In addition, all our favourite porcelain stones ranges are available with impressive large XL sizes complemented with stylish special shapes and formats in hexagons, strips, staggered mosaics and chevrons that effortlessly create feature walls or floors.

Petrology_Stone 3

A porcelain interpretation of French stone with subtle shade variation, intricate detailing and an undulating texture. Five neutral and grey colour options and five large format size options exude a modern, minimal aesthetic.

Secret Stone

A beautiful porcelain stone range in a soft palette of four natural colours offering a textured surface with moderate shade variation. Available in four sizes including large format options with three finishes, natural, honed and grip. Making this suitable for residential and commercial environments where high slip-resistance is required.

Natural Stone

Four neutral and grey shades with high tonal variation, offering an authentic replica of natural stone and slate in an easy-to-maintain porcelain surface. Three sizes include large format options while three finishes make this suitable for commercial as well as residential applications.


An inspired collection representing naturally occurring stone and its unique patina of interesting striations, adding depth and texture.


Made with 40% recycled content, the Limestone tile collection offers an authoritative porcelain replica of limestone that captures all its natural beauty. Produced using innovative high-resolution ink-jet printing that produces an incredibly high level of detail and precision. Limestone offers high slip resistance and is suitable for both commercial and residential areas, even when wet.


Jumble is a beautiful porcelain tile range which replicates a unique blend of natural stone and timber materials. Each piece is made using the latest HD inkjet technology and each of the four natural colours offers a mix of different material facings to create a stunning balanced surface. Available in two large format size options. Suitable for walls and floors in residential and commercial environments.


A smart porcelain stone with a natural look adding depth and interest to any interior. Burlington is both stain and scratch resistant making it easy to maintain. Available in three neutral colours displaying tonal variation and one 'plank' tile size which can also be laid in herringbone format. Matching strip mosaic option also available.


Nature’s finest limestones, transformed by modern porcelain technology into durable, high-performance materials for all environments.

Petrology Stone 1

Replicating the finest high-grade quartzite with superior detail and characteristics. Three soft grey colour options in both a natural and structured finish make this suitable for residential and commercial environments, including those requiring stringent levels of anti-slip. Available in five sizes including small and large format options. 20mm thickness available for outdoor use, creating a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.


Far from the fickle influences of fashion, Cambrian remains faithful to itself, paying homage to the natural beauty found in large format, quarried stone.

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